NCIS’ Pauley Perrette makes inspiring statement about mental health

Pauley Perrette took to social media with a very important announcement on Saturday and admitted she is “a counselor who has a therapist.”

The 53-year-old made the candid confession whilst raising awareness for the 988 suicide and mental health number for those suffering in the US.

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On Twitter, the NCIS star penned: “#988 Now the US has a FREE simple suicide and mental health THREE DIGIT NUMBER in the US. Please call if you need couch help or standing on a ledge help.

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“I’m a huge fan of therapy and mental help phone calls. I’m a counselor who also has a therapist. CALL 988 if you need to talk.”

Pauley took to social media

Fans flocked to reply to the star’s tweet. One follower penned: “Well done Pauley. You are right to make this number known, the world is so bad that there are people who need it!!!”

A second added: “Paulette, I have fallen in love with your character (Abbie) and subsequently and as a person. You are truly inspirational and amazing. Love and light my friend.”

A third said: “Thanks, PauleyP. for spreading the word. Help is invaluable to those with mental health problems. Suicidal thoughts are an emergency! I hope that anyone struggling seeks help.”

Pauley opened up about her experience with bullies

A fourth replied: “Good Pauley!”

As well as helping those in need, the actress has previously opened up about her own struggles with fans on Twitter. In 2010 discussed the heartbreaking bullying ordeal which occurred during her school days.

Pauley is a private person

Pauley also made a comment about her eye patch in a response to a tweet by Demi Moore, who revealed that she had to wear one as a child to correct “a lazy eye.”

She wrote, “I TOO had the eye patch! No fun! Bless you sister!”

As a result of her negative experience during her childhood years. She told Watch in 2013: “I developed a lot of my beliefs about inclusion and justice and civil rights and unconditional love for people, because I came from a certain environment that was the opposite of that.”

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