NCIS season 20: Torres star sparks frenzy as he teases ‘change’ – ‘Never seen before!’

NCIS season 20 promises to be a season like “never seen before” on CBS, according to one of the show’s leading stars, Nick Torres actor Wilmer Valderrama.

The 20th season of NCIS has officially entered production with the likes of Wilmer Valderrama, Katrina Law, Brian Dietzen and Sean Murray all back filming the CBS drama. And while Dietzen sparked a frenzy among the fandom earlier this month with a peek at his character Jimmy Palmer’s famous glasses, a new clip from Valderrama has provided arguably the biggest tease yet for the upcoming drama.
Taking to his Instagram, Valderrama was joined by Dietzen, Murray, Law and Kasie Hines actor Diona Reasonover to share an update with his 1.8million followers.
“Well everyone, it’s official,” the Nick Torres star began. “NCIS is back for season 20, we’re back on set.”

As his co-stars began to celebrate, Murray chipped in: “Season 20, here we go!”

Valderrama continued: “We’re very happy and we’re here to officially say… you guys do the rest…”

Teeing up his colleague, Murray weighed back in: “We’re gonna bring the smoke. Bringing the smoke is here, guys.”

And Jimmy star Dietzen teased: “There’s gonna be some new stuff you haven’t seen before, it’s very exciting!”

“We’re gonna surprise you!” Reasonover contributed to the discussion, adding even more mystery to the show’s upcoming changes.

Katrina then pointed to the NCIS team’s famous most-wanted wall in the office and joked: “And we finally catch this guy.”

“Finally! 20 years later!” Dietzen then joked as the crew shared a laugh before Valderrama continued with his own summary of the new season’s scripts.

“Well, you have been warned,” he added. “This season we are happy to say we after doing things you have never seen before on NCIS.

“We’re gonna change things up and surprise you guys all along the way.

“Oh man, I screwed up that whole thing,” he laughed. “Oh well, I’m a little tired! Anyhow get ready, September 19. See you guys there!”
Reasonover herself even took to the replies o the video and commented: “We baaaaack!”

NCIS Hawaii’s Jason Antoon added to the hype by replying with a series of applause emojis.

NCIS fan @jolynne.thompson also weighed in: “Whoop Whoop so happy for Season #20.
While @leorick33 expressed their delight: “I’m glad it continued and didnt end with mark leaving.”

And @remy_ang echoed: “Oh my god, very very good news, so excited, love it.”

“Yes!! I’m so excited! Have fun filming everyone! Can’t wait for season 20,” @carly.lynch27 concurred.

NCIS season 20 premieres on CBS in the USA on September 19. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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