‘NCIS’ Fans Debate Who They Love Most Between These Two Major Characters

In this NCIS debate, it might be like choosing your favorite ice cream flavors. They’re all good. So which agent do you prefer — Ziva David or Ellie Bishop.

Since all 19 seasons of NCIS live on network, cable and/or streaming services, the episodes seem timeless. So why not discuss two characters who no longer are on the show. Besides, Jess Knight (Katrina Law) is the newest agent who replaced Bishop who took over for Ziva.

And before we start the discussion, may we all agree that Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Bishop (Emily Wickersham) are a couple of bad ass agents.

This was posted on the NCIS sub-Reddit Tuesday.

“(Am) I seriously the only one who prefers Bishop over Ziva? Like yes I love Ziva but Bishop is just something else. Like their both queens but Bishop is just something more. Can everyone tell your opinion? People hate me for this.”

And surprisingly, this poster didn’t receive a lot of fun-loving hate for throwing shade at a beloved NCIS character.

“I hated Ziva at first because I loved Kate. But they did a few episodes to soften her, and I grew to love the character, especially with the fabulous chemistry with Michael Weatherly’s character of Tony. Was sad to see her go but seeing her again was great–but not the same.”

Kate (Sasha Alexander) was the first female NCIS agent. She came over from the Secret Service at the end of the series premiere episode called “Yankee White” on Sept. 23, 2005. Kate lasted through 2005, until she was shot and ki—-d. And that’s how Ziva David, the former Mossad agent, entered the NCIS realm. Plus, Ziva’s half brother k****d Kate.

Ziva lasted through 2013. Then de Pablo left the series before the show could give her a proper sendoff. Writers explained that she moved back to Israel. Then, when Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) left NCIS three years later, they tied his exit with Ziva. And Tony needed to leave because Ziva died, leaving him to raise their daughter. Tony didn’t even know about Tali until he got word that Ziva had been k++++d at her father’s farm. (More on that later). NCIS replaced Ziva with Bishop, who started her career at the NSA.

” This is it in a nutshell for me. Ziva coming in for Kate and being the action woman made sense because of her back story being this bad ass Mossad agent,” an NCIS fan wrote. “Bishop coming in and being nothing like (Ziva) was brilliant and helped shift the show up a bit. But within a season, maybe even quicker, she’d just been shoved back into that box to be the female action hero.”

Another fan offered some NCIS pragmaticism and a safe space for the original poster.

“People shouldn’t hate or disagree with you because of your opinion, that’s why it’s an opinion,” he fan wrote. “If you like Bishop more than Ziva, then you like Bishop more. Who says we have to go with the crowd and like one more than the other? Or like one less than the other? You like and dislike who you want, and that’s fine.”

NCIS revived Ziva in 2019. Turns out, she faked her own d—-h. Bishop figured it out before any of the other agents, although she’d never met Ziva. And through the new Ziva story arc, Ziva encouraged a relationship between Bishop and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama). Ziva also introduced Bishop to Odette, a CIA operative.

And at the end of season 18, Odette trained Bishop for a deep undercover assignment. That’s when Wickersham left the show, although Bishop checked in with Gibbs first. The last NCIS fans saw of her she was giving Torres a kiss, before ghosting him.

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