‘I cheated!’ Blue Bloods’ Tom Selleck speaks out on avoiding injury during fight scenes

BLUE BLOODS star Tom Selleck reflected on his Magnum PI days and revealed the safety measures he took for the fight scenes.

Tom Selleck, star of CBS’ hit drama Blue Bloods, made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson show to discuss the generational procedural series. The 77-year-old actor also reflected on his previous role on Magnum PI and explained how he completely cheated the fight scenes.

Since 2010, Tom Selleck has starred in Blue Bloods as Frank Reagan.

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The family drama followed the professional lives of him and his children who follow in his footsteps and work in law enforcement.

As the New York City Police Commissioner, he took pride in his job, his family and the importance of a weekly get-together with dinner.

Although season 12 came to an end in May, fans can look forward to the upcoming instalment which will be released in October.

Blue Bloods: Tom Selleck opened up about his Magnum PI days (Image: CBS)

While the CBS drama is the only role Selleck is currently working on, the actor has been on television for over 40 years and has become a household name.

He landed his breakout role as Thomas Magnum in the 1980s for the Emmy Award-winning show Magnum PI.

During Selleck’s appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the pair reflected on the outfits he would wear as Thomas Magnum.

After displaying the costume which consisted of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, Clarkson stated: “We love the look.”

To which, Tom revealed: “I get a lot of short questions because they were short.”

Kelly responded: “They were short then, back in the day though,” and added, “you’ve got nice legs.”

Selleck defended the look and stated: “That’s what shorts are, shorts are shorts.

“And those pyjama bottoms that they wore for about the last decade are silly, you can trip on them.”

“They’re coming back up, look at the basketball players, shorts are coming back to where they’re supposed to be.”

As Kelly laughed and was amazed at Selleck’s passion and love of shorts, the actor made a startling confession.

He stated: “I cheated, I read the script and if I knew I had a fight scene coming up I wouldn’t wear the shorts.”

Selleck confessed to using it as a safety measure: “Because I would put pads underneath my jeans and stuff.”

Although the jeans may have been the safer option, the actor remarked: “I cheated it that way but it’s hot over there.”

As Thomas Magnum was a private investigator living in Hawaii, it was more appropriate for Selleck to wear shorts on a regular basis.

Whereas on Blue Bloods, with a serious role as Police Commissioner Reagan is always in a three-piece suit as someone in the role is not permitted to wear a uniform.

Blue Bloods season 13 will premiere on CBS on Friday, October 7.

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