‘NCIS’ Fans Hilariously Ponder What Ducky Could Be Reading in New Meme

Ducky Mallard may be the retired medical examiner on NCIS. But his fans still love the guy, his quirks, his bowties and all his British smarts.

We know that Ducky has a great love for books. So the NCIS social media team created a meme about said books and posted it on Instagram. After all, fans of the show need something to do between now and the premiere of season 20, which still seems so far away.

The NCIS social team also asked the question: “What is Ducky reading? Wrong answers only.” Hint, the photo of from the NCIS season 19 finale, “Birds of a Feather.” David McCallum, who has played Ducky since the inception of the show in 2003, made four appearances this season.

NCIS fans offered all sorts of “wrong answers only.” One suggested Ducky was scrutinizing the script for season 20. (Quick, tell us who the Raven is. We don’t want to wait until the premiere or beyond).

Here’s another Ducky book theory: “how to bring Ellie and Gibbs and Ziva and Tony back to the team.” Wouldn’t it be glorious to see all those characters again, even for just a single episode? Gibbs (Mark Harmon) left the show at the beginning of season 19. Ziva (Cote de Pablo) quit in 2013 and Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) said farewell in 2016. Emily Wickersham portrayed Ellie Bishop, Ziva’s replacement. And it’s still heart breaking to remember Bishop trying to ghost Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) before she left for a deep undercover assignment at the end of season 18. They still got to kiss.

But here’s a plea to Weatherly. You don’t have a show now. Can you come back to NCIS? Six years after you left the show, fans still clamor for your comeback

Here’s another Ducky book suggestion: “understanding modern slang.” The NCIS social media team replied “that would come in handy.”

And how about this gem: “The directions for how Gibbs got the boat out of his basement!” (Yes, please). If you watched the farewell to Gibbs, then you know the boat finally got out of the basement. There was a boat-sized hole in the basement brick wall. It seems Gibbs replaced the bricks every time he busted out a basement boat.

Here’s hoping McCallum will be part of NCIS season 20. Although the actor is listed in all 435 episodes, a ton of those recent ones have been “for credit only.” McCallum was seen in four episodes this past season, including the last two. Here’s a cool coincidence, McCallum turns 89 the day of the season 20 premiere. Hope he celebrates the day well and sees himself on the TV screen.

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