‘NCIS’ Alum Pauley Perrette’s New Take on Twitter Has Her Followers Weighing In

NCIS fans know Pauley Perrette best for her role as Abby Sciuto, the quirky yet ultra-endearing forensic scientist at the Naval C*****l Investigation Service headquarters.

But acting is just one of Pauley’s many passions. In addition to bringing unique characters to life on TV, Pauley Perrette also has a strong passion for music, gardening, and animal welfare.

The actress loves animals so much, in fact, that she’s “failed at fostering” dogs many times in the past and is currently a proud dog mom of three adorable chihuahuas: Bug, Grace, and Rosie.

As a dedicated pet parent, Pauley Perrette knows how important it is to protect her dogs from fleas and ticks, and always ensures they’re wearing their flea collars. There’s just one problem with the collars: they’re ugly.

In a recent Twitter post, the NCIS star shared her complaint with her followers, showing Rosie’s bland flea collar resting beneath her bejeweled and personalized doggie necklace.

“Not sure who decided that almost all flea and tick collars should be this weird grey? (I know some are white/clear). But just saying… First company that starts making them in better colors (BLACK PLEASE!) Is gonna win!” Perrette wrote, tagging a few major flea preventative brands.

Her fans couldn’t agree more. “They need to come in red, green, and blue. Red for Rosie, green for Grace, and blue for Bug,” one user replied. “You are right! They are really horrendous! In Italy, they are also dark brown,” another said, adding a nauseated emoji.
‘NCIS’ Star Pauley Perrette Goes Off on Rescue Pet Ad

For the most part, being a pet owner means unlimited snuggles, tail wags, and fun with your furry friend. Every now and then, however, it means cleaning up horrific messes. A recent Wayfair ad for their line of organizational products attempted to capitalize on this common headache among pet owners, showing a dog and the incredible path of destruction he left behind in the fictional house.

NCIS star Pauley Perrette took great offense at this unflattering depiction of rescue dogs, sparking a debate on Twitter with her belief that the ad is harmful to dogs hoping to be adopted. “I’m SO mad,” she wrote. “How dare you shame rescue dogs to sell furniture?”

Her fiery response garnered a mixed reaction. While some agreed that the commercial is “horrible,” others, even fellow rescue dog owners, believe it’s a harmless joke. “I think it was meant to be a joke. I joke about my rescue dog all the time and how ornery he is. He tears up stuff all the time! All you can do is laugh and replace it,” one fan wrote.

Even Wayfair themselves responded. “It was never our intention to harm or represent rescues in a negative light,” they wrote. “We sincerely appreciate your concerns and have passed this feedback along to our team.”

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