Yellowstone Fans Are Losing Their Patience With Monica

To be a member of the Dutton family in “Yellowstone” is to spend your life defending your physical and mental real estate, both from outside threats and from the machinations of your own family members. However, there are exceptions to the ruthless streak that runs in the members of the rancher family. Having married into the family, Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille) tends to be more level-headed than pretty much any other character bearing the name. Though she goes through her own crises — both in her relationship with Kayce (Luke Grimes) and otherwise — she’s generally the most sensible person in any given room that contains multiple Duttons.

Unfortunately for Monica, comparatively normal people aren’t necessarily the most popular ones in their shows, especially when said shows tend to focus around ruthless people who operate in an extremely grey moral area. While viewers have been moved by scenes like Monica’s most heartbreaking moment in “Yellowstone” Season 4, it appears that their goodwill toward this gentler character isn’t eternal. Have the events surrounding the death of Monica and Kayce’s child and the former’s growing discontent with the Dutton ranch caused some viewers to turn on the character, or is there some underlying reason behind their animosity? Let’s take a look at the reason “Yellowstone” fans are losing their patience with Monica.

Some fans are tired of feeling sorry for Monica

Monica’s reservations toward the Dutton lifestyle might be reasonable, but the show’s approach to the character seems to have started rubbing some fans the wrong way. In “Yellowstone” Season 5 Episode 4, “Horses in Heaven,” the character experiences one of the worst days of her life, as she undergoes a ceremony to bury her baby — along with the horse that gives the episode its name. Fans have even been getting emotional over Monica’s tender moment with John Dutton (Kevin Costner), in which the no-nonsense Dutton patriarch takes some time to comfort Monica with choice words of wisdom.

For some viewers, however, Monica’s constant turmoil isn’t quite so moving. Instead, Season 5 viewers have noted that Monica has become the show’s go-to character for sympathy points, while also being off-puttingly critical of the Dutton lifestyle. “Why do they keep putting Monica Dutton as a character where we have to feel sorry for her? The victim role has been played out,” @ThomsenKiersten tweeted about Episode 3. “If Monica can’t stand the Dutton family and hated staying at the house, why is she burying her son on their property?” Twitter user @NickkiH asked as the events of Episode 4 played out.

Twitter fans are vocal about their dislike of the character

Instead of taking affront with any specific action Monica has done in the show, it appears that in some corners of the fandom she’s built a reputation as a generally annoying character — at least, going by the online reaction she’s been getting during her Season 5 appearances.

“I’ve never liked Monica. All she does is whine. He’s a Dutton. If you don’t like it why did you marry him?” @Tiffany54656986 wrote. “Monica Dutton gets on my very last nerve. The most annoying person on #Yellowstone,” @meowmeowbeans19 tweeted. Elsewhere, user @OhSnapDang posted a differently worded version of essentially the same tweet, writing, “Monica Dutton is the most aggravating and annoying character on #Yellowstone.” Others, like @citrinecowgirl, @dtbradford92, @Samantha_T_09 and @ReynoldsLawgirl, aired similar views about the character, wording their issues with Monica in varying but unmistakable ways.

While Monica has given fans many heartwarming and emotional moments over the years, it appears that at least some viewers have grown tired with either the way the show tries to tug their heartstrings with the character, or Monica’s unwillingness to fully accept and embrace the rogue Dutton lifestyle. Perhaps future episodes of “Yellowstone” will correct and adjust the character’s course and endear her to fans … or perhaps they’ll just double down on their criticism. Meanwhile, Monica’s smaller Season 5 role has some fans worried for her life, so whether you love the character or dislike her, it’s an interesting time to be a “Yellowstone” fan.

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