NCIS LA sneak peek tees up Hetty’s return as Callen and Sam make jaw-dropping discovery

NCIS LA’s next episode on CBS looks set to be a monumental one for the likes of Callen and the rest of the OSP when a cryptic message appears to allude to Hetty’s current whereabouts.
Hetty (played by Linda Hunt) hasn’t been seen in NCIS LA since she went rogue back in season 13 and headed to the Middle East. But in episode 16 of the CBS drama’s 14th and final season, it looks like Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) may have just the intel to lead her back to the team.
The springboard for Hetty’s potential return comes after NCIS Reserve Agent Shyla Dahr (Javi Ramachandran Ladnier) delivers some menacing news to Callen and Sam.

“We just received an urgent message – it contains two files,” she begins to the pair.

“The first is a driver’s license for John Jenkins, the CEO of a software start-up. The second is an ID for FBI analyst Patrick Hertel,” she tells the two.

Sam questions why these two IDs came from a top-secret channel for emergencies, prompting Shyla to reveal the two men were murdered on that very morning.
When she reveals they were both shot, Callen probes for a connection.

However, he comes up short and Shyla is left in the dark about what to do.

Sam spots a series of numbers, however, which he’s keen to decipher but again, the team are stumped.

This prompts Callen to try and dismiss the intel and suggest Shyla finds out who sent the messages.

She then drops the bombshell on the two that it was sent from the border of Turkey and Syria, a little town called Al-Rai.

The penny drops for Callen and Sam who shoot each other a look before Sam chips in: “That was her last known location.”

“But it doesn’t make any sense,” Callen ponders before Sam hits back: “Who else would send a cryptic message like this?”

It soon dawns on Shyla who the two are talking about as Callen confirms: “Hetty.”
In a separate sneak peek, Callen takes the information to Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) who clearly isn’t convinced Hetty is the one trying to reach out.

“If it were important she would’ve sent us more than two names and a random set of numbers,” he protests. “This reads less like an urgent message and more like a top-secret butt dial.”

Callen admits the message is “cryptic even for Hetty” before Kilbride continues to rant that he shouldn’t be blindsided by the prospect of re-establishing contact with his boss and mentor.

But he begins to win Kilbride over, suggesting Hetty knows the team’s presumably secure channels had been compromised and hence the cryptic material.
Eventually, Callen gets Kilbride’s go-ahead to investigate the two victims in the hopes of forming a connection to Hetty, although Kilbride does take a pop at Hetty’s “incessant backseat driving”.

And a third sneak peek proves the team are on to something as the two men targeted were both from the Drona Project – the same project Callen was enlisted into as a youngster.

So could Callen be next in the firing line given the murders of the two men? Or will Hetty’s intervention be enough to give him the step ahead?

NCIS LA season 14 continues Sundays on CBS in the USA and Sky Max in the UK.

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