Eric Christian Olsen’s wife shares intimate labor photos that spark support from fans

In the pictures, Eric and their then three-year-old son Wyatt were also present, and Sarah opened up about the experience in the caption – receiving a lot of praise and support from fans as a result.

She wrote: “Have you listened to our episode with @doctorberlin on @themotherdazepodcas ? We discuss some of his most memorable births including this one pictured here with our 3 year old Wyatt present.
“This was an amazing hospital birth back in 2016 with our dear Dr Goldberg and my 11 pound Esme. The first photo I am lost in the zone and Wyatt was asking for my favorite song to be played. Dr B talks about Informed pregnancy, breech births, his ICU scare and so much more.

“(Someone asked how I could let my child see me in so much pain… I don’t see it that way- It’s intense and one of the wildest rides I have ever been on. But as @doctorberlin describes In our podcast I was high on my own drugs and my family Including my son was there hugging me, holding my hand, cheering me on and yelling his sisters name as he saw her birthed into this world.)”
Fan comments included: “11 pounds! I am in awe at your strength. You are amazing!” while another wrote: “11 pounds! Lady you are my hero that’s incredible.” A third added: “So magical!!”

Eric and Sarah tied the knot in 2012 and along with Wyatt – now nine, and Esme – now six, they are also parents to son Winter, two.

The NCIS actor loves nothing more than spending time with his family when he isn’t busy working. Eric previously admitted fatherhood has turned him into a softie.

He also revealed that his co-stars, Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J were role models to him when it came to parenting. “Chris and LL always talked about it — they wrap for the day, and you just drive home because you get to go and see your family,” he said.
Eric also told Entertainment Tonight that he realized the true meaning of loving someone unconditionally after having children.

“The most important thing that I learned was kind of the idea of unconditional love. And of course, that doesn’t mean that there’s not boundaries in that love. [There are] boundaries within that love, but the love is unconditional in that you always have this place that is safe.”

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