NCIS season 20 episode 18 recap: Who attempted to k**l Logan Donahue?

NCIS season 20 episode 18 saw the team trying to decipher the tangled case of a man named Logan, who was stabbed by his wife. To everyone’s surprise, it was revealed that the wife, Rachel, was unaware of what she had done as she was suffering from memory lapses. She was overdosing on thyroid medication and an evil dentist had implanted a device in her art, which triggered her to a***ck Logan.

This episode of NCIS, titled Head Game, was directed by Michael Zinberg and written by Sydney Mitchel, and it aired on April 10, 2023, on CBS. The official synopsis of the episode reads,

“The NCIS team digs deep to investigate a Navy lieutenant who’s accused of trying to murder her husband but has no memory of the attack; Kasie navigates a potential medical scare.”

NCIS season 20 episode 18 recap: Why was Logan being chased by the team?

The episode of NCIS began with the attempted murder of Logan Donahue, who was stabbed in the stomach with kitchen scissors. His wife, Lieutenant Rachel Donahue, was pinned as the prime suspect after she was seen rushing out of the house.

Apart from what the evidence suggested, everyone seemed convinced that Lieutenant Rachel had indeed at****ed her husband since disputes like these were common between couples.

Surprisingly, the wife returned home after a while, and she had no recollection of what had happened or why the NCIS was at her place. She demanded answers and was furious that Parker blamed her. The last thing she remembered was getting home the night before. Rachel was in the military, and her work forced her to travel a lot.

While Logan also had a tiring job, Rachel claimed that they both loved each other. NCIS theorized that she was faking being crazy to escape prosecution and had even convinced doctors that she was mentally unstable. At this point, the NCIS team was convinced that the accused was playing with them.

However, soon enough, it was revealed that Rachel was facing memory lapses due to an ov*****se of thyroid medication. Apparently, the accused did not take the medication on her own. Police found a device implanted in her arm that was put in place by a shady dentist named Dr. Kimball.

When confronted, the dentist confessed to his actions. Dr. Kimball did not know who had paid him to do it since it the request was made online by a middleman. Kimball was then arrested, and the NCIS learned that Rachel’s implant was just a prototype.

Rachel’s husband had apparently shut down the program to manufacture those devices when he worked for the FDA. Many people were fired in the process, and the couple made some enemies. However, NCIS managed to track down the main suspect, who had previously threatened the couple.

Unfortunately, this suspect was not involved in the attack since he was just a blackmailer. After an investigation, it was revealed that the culprit was none other than the victim Logan himself, who did that for financial control. Once Logan realized that the team knew what he had done, he went on the run.

Caught in a tight spot, he could not divorce Rachel either, because if he did so, he would lose access to all their funds. Therefore, he wanted to prove that his wife was insane. But before he could do so, thankfully, he was tracked down by Rachel, and the NCIS followed her and managed to arrest him.

The episode ended with Kasie learning that she had a mass in her body. She whipped out a New Year goals list and expressed her intention to complete them all. The director, however, told her to take it easy.

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