Is Gibbs Back? Mark Harmon’s Return to NCIS is Very Possible

Is it true that fans will soon see their beloved character back on screen?

You can never get enough of CBS’s police procedurals, but with NCIS there is a different kind of fan love.

The special agents of several major case teams investigate different c***al activity involving the Navy. The show debuted in September 2003, so it’s about to celebrate its 20th anniversary soon.

Mark Harmon had been on the show since season 1 and stayed on as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a Supervisory Special Agent with the Naval C***nal Investigation Service.

Harmon left DC and went to Alaska in episode 4 of season 19.

This trip to Alaska was for a case, but Gibbs unexpectedly decided to stay there instead of returning to Washington. It’s noted that he goes by his gut. And it also seemed like he wanted to find some peace and he finally did.

Ever since then, fans have been waiting for the fearless leader of the agency to return.

And now it looks like there’s hope! In a recent interview, Harmon’s co-star Rocky Carroll, who plays NCIS Director Leon Vance, hinted that Gibbs might actually make his way back to the show in the near future.

Carroll also made clear that the writers handled Gibbs’ temporary departure from the show very carefully, leaving plenty of room for him to return at any moment. But it seems like fans already made peace with his absence from the show.

“If we were going to see Gibbs, IMO we would have had already. They made storylines this season where he could have returned to help or make an appearance but didn’t.

Let us not forget one thing, Gibbs was actually in favor of having his character killed off. That to me tells me he isn’t returning on screen,” Reddit user Karl_Racki said.

Well, let’s hope the writers have something up their sleeves for us. Maybe an unexpected cameo will do the trick?

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