‘NCIS’ Fans Just Realized an Incredible Fact About Sean Murray

Throughout NCIS’ 20 seasons, the series has had a rotating cast, but there’s always been one constant that fans are just now realizing is a pretty big deal. Sean Murray, who has played Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee since the first season, has been credited in more episodes than former lead Mark Harmon. As pointed out on Reddit, Murray is only behind David McCallum, who portrayed M.E. and NCIS historian Ducky.

Getting technical, however, Sean Murray has appeared in the most episodes since IMDb has been crediting both Harmon and McCallum when it shouldn’t. But also, according to IMDb, as of the latest episode, the actor has appeared in 438 episodes. With no signs of saying goodbye to D.C. any time soon, Murray’s long tenure on the procedural is an impressive feat. He’s grown up before our eyes and has gone from awkward probie to a loveable NCIS agent, husband, and father.

Since Sean Murray is still on NCIS, a reunion with some of his former colleagues is definitely long overdue. Ever since Cote de Pablo’s arc in Season 17, fans have been clamoring for more Ziva David, more particularly with Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo by her side. Of course, it wouldn’t be a reunion without the return of Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Pauley Perrette’s Abby Sciuto, but getting the entire gang together may just be for the dreams. As long as NCIS keeps going, you never know what could happen.

The CBS series has been renewed for Season 21, and as long as anything traumatizing doesn’t happen in the Season 20 finale, which, given NCIS’ previous finales, is a 50/50 shot, we shouldn’t have to worry about McGee departing. A lot has changed over the years, and while agents have come and gone, Timothy McGee has always been there, and he always will be, at least for now.

With just a handful of episodes left for this season, there is no telling what the NCIS team will get up to and what cases they will take on. If one thing is for sure, it’s that this is going to be one that you won’t want to miss, and how they set up the historic 21st season will be something to look forward to. Of course, seeing McGee take charge is also something to look forward to every week, and as long as he’s still on, it will be worth watching.
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