In NCIS, what do Abby’s tattoos mean? Theories

Abby Sciuto, a character from CBS’ thriller series ‘NCIS,’ is named after Pauley Perrette, who served as a forensic scientist before Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ departure.

Abby is well-known for her highly influential contributions to NCIS’ investigations, her goth appearance, and her tattoos. Some viewers have even urged them to tattoo the same on their faces after Perrette’s departure.
What Do Abby’s Tattoos Indicate?

Abby Sciuto has around fourteen tattoos on her body. Apart from two, Pauley Perrette has the other four. The spiderweb tattoo on Abby’s neck and the giant cross on her back were proposed by the creative minds for the character.

Perrette has a favorite tattoo on her left hand, as per Romans 12:21, which says, ‘Don’t be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.’ It also encloses a massive “P” tattoo, which may be a reference to the actress’ first and last names.

Perrette has “11 11 11” and “XII XII” inked on one of her hands, according to the tattoos. Perrette also has “101010” inked on her, which is described by her as the “binary tattoo.” Similarly, the “swirl” tattoo near the binary tattoo is in fact three interlocking “9” figures, inked on 09-09-09 or September 9, 2009.

Perrette has a smile tattoo on her finger and right ankle as well as a poem titled “April 8” commemorating her father. Perrette also has three stars tattooed on her left ankle, possibly representing her personal growth. The “11 11 11” tattoo on her finger also signifies her love for Nirvana.

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