Is Ziva a Death Guest in NCIS? Theories

The ‘NCIS’ thriller series on CBS has a wealth of interesting and complex characters. However, not every one of them has succeeded in capturing the attention of viewers. The admirers of the series are fascinated by Ziva, especially about the ambiguity surrounding her fate, which is questioned by the viewers.

Is Ziva a deceased figure?

Eli, Ziva’s estranged father, returns to her life for the Shabbat dinner. On the same night, a hitman kills Eli and Vance’s wife. Ziva then sets out to exact her revenge on Eli’s protégé Ilan Bodnar.

NCIS Senior Field Agent Anthony DiNozzo rushes to the scene to safeguard Ziva. During the same time, they conclude their relationship and Ziva becomes pregnant with Tali. In the thirteenth season finale, NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his colleagues learn that Ziva’s daughter Tali was at***ed by CIA Agent Trent Kort. She is also informed that Ziva’s daughter Tali is alive but the former NCIS is presumed to be d***d.

Ziva appears before Gibbs, her father, to warn him that her family is in danger after being targeted during an att**k on her farmhouse. She also warns Gibbs that Sahar may hunt her and her daughter Tali if she discovers the former is alive.

Ziva has completely eliminated all of the threats she has been facing for a considerable time. She is going to visit Tony and their daughter Tali in Paris to reconnect with them. It is unlikely that her life will be put at risk in the future due to Tony.

The viewers of Ziva will be able to experience Tony and Ziva’s captivating togetherness in the future, so that they will not have to continue to worry about the beloved character’s fate. Until then, the followers of Ziva will be able to rest assured that she is living a happy life in the French capital city.

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