Fans’ Most Favorite Moments From NCIS, Ranked

Fans’ Most Favorite Moments From NCIS, Ranked

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After so many years, it’s quite tough to pick five best ones.

Currently in its 20th season NCIS doesn’t seem to lose popularity.

If you are an NCIS fan, buckle up, as we are about to find out which scenes are the best among NCIS viewers.

5. Gibbs and Jimmy talking after Jimmy’s wife died

It was revealed to the viewers that Jimmy’s wife Breena died from COVID-19.

Though it’s heartbreaking to see Jimmy talking about his wife’s demise, we should give credit to the writers who have done a great job conveying the experience of grief and its overwhelming nature following a sudden death.



4. Gibbs shooting the suspect

In the episode 2 of season 19, Paul Lemere is being interrogated by Jessica Knight but manages to hit her and escape.

Even though it’s not exactly realistic how the suspect managed to escape the interrogation room as it should’ve been more protected, the scene is still cool.

The suspect took a staff member as hostage. Gibbs, who just entered the room, shot him without hesitation in a truly badass way.



3. Vance reading the poem after Emily Fornell dies

It’s heartbreaking to think about what poor Emily went through. Actress Juliette Angelo really brought her character to life, and it’s so sad to see her go.

It’s a shame that Emily’s addiction ultimately led to her untimely death. That poem that Vance read at the end was just gut-wrenching.

It seems like the author of the poem Merrit Malloy really captured the essence of Emily’s life in those few lines. It’s hard to watch an episode like that and not be shed a tear or two.



2. Gibbs Team Saving Ziva

What a fantastic scene from season 7 of the show. When it seems like hope is lost, Gibbs appears and saves everyone.

When you’re in Gibbs’ crosshairs, there’s no way you can escape him. This rescuing scene shows just how much Gibbs cares for his people and isn’t it awesome?



1. Tony diving into the water to save Gibbs and Maddie

Gibbs isn’t always the one to save his friends in need, sometimes he is the one who needs help.

In the scene of season’s 5 episode 7 seeing Tony running through the warehouse, shooting 2 bad guys and jumping in the water to save Gibbs and Maddir without hesitation is just fantastic.

If Gibbs died, Tony would have a real huge meltdown.



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