Lion Dad Tries To Ditch His Tiny Cubs

The animal kingdom frequently provides humorous instances that are meant to make your day better. While you might anticipate silly behavior from a dog, a cat, or other pets, even fearless predators have their moments. Take this magnificent lion, for example, whose antics made everyone laugh.

A lion male simply demonstrates to the world that being a father isn’t the easiest job in a very cute yet humorous video. Even more, you might assume that it’s the hardest given the way he appears to be evading his obligations. After all, the day can be pretty difficult to manage with four agitated cubs on your way. OR, you could employ this dad’s strategy.

The adorable moment, which was captured on a brief video, charmingly resembles scenes from The Lion King, in which the jovial Simba simply can’t get enough of his father, Musafa. Only this time, we have four Simbas instead of just one. an arduous task, yes?

Anyway, the video starts off with the father lion appearing to be in charge of his young charges. However, he is hoping that he can watch them from a distance. However, the cubs are confident that won’t happen because they can easily keep up with the male even as he is clearly fleeing.

Definitely not the best parenting example, but still interesting to watch. Considering that this video has received over 18 million views. Look at this, then:

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