NCIS: Los Angeles season 14 episode 19 recap: What did Anthony Beltran want?

In the latest episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, viewers learned about Anthony Beltran and a torture program named Drona. This program was used to find potential candidates for government jobs and was run by a psychopath named Pembrooke. Anthony Beltran, who was one of his victims, wanted him dead.

It was later revealed that Beltran needed Pembrooke dead because he wanted to become the new boss of the project.

NCIS: Los Angeles follows the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in Los Angeles, which specializes in undercover assignments. This episode was titled The Reckoning and it aired on May 7, 2023. It was written and directed by Frank Military.

The episode’s official synopsis read:

“When four people, including a CIA officer, are shot and killed in broad daylight, the NCIS team suspects the attacks have something to do with DRONA; Pembrook meets with Callen and gives more insight into his past.”

NCIS: Los Angeles season 14 episode 19 recap: Did Callen manage to kill Anthony Beltran before he got to Pembrooke?

The episode began with Leah Novak getting sent to a rehabilitation center. Doctors believed that she was growing more and more conscious and she could come out of her coma anytime. Her coma was caused by the Drona program, which tortured children to determine their caliber in government jobs. These jobs included CIA, FBI, and even NCIS. Callen was also a victim of this program.

Kids who were a part of the program were all grown up now and wanted to file a lawsuit against Pembrooke, the man who tortured them. However, one of the victims, named Anthony Beltran, wanted to take him down on his own, so he went on a killing spree of people in the lawsuit. He was the one who shot Leah, but he did not kill Callen since even he knew that Pembrooke deserved death.

Unfortunately, however, Pembrooke had gone into hiding. Finding him was very difficult since he was a well-trained spy. But the longer he was in hiding, the more people were in danger of dying.

Callen went to the scene where Leah was shot, with Kensi. They figured out that someone had shot Leah and four other people from the rooftop.

Meanwhile, Pembrooke finally contacted Callen. He, in fact, abducted Callen and spoke with him, saying that he was truly apologetic for his actions and revealing that Anthony Beltran was now doing his work. The group was made of goons who had no morals. He revealed that they were the ones who shot Leah and killed other people.

Callen finally managed to kill Beltran, and this meant safety for everyone. He continued talking to Pembrooke, who said how sorry he was for the way he treated kids in the Drona program. He even secretly tried to help the kids who suffered.

We then learned that he was getting off without any charges. Before parting, he handed Callen a file about himself. The file revealed that Pembrooke wanted to pair Callen with Sam.

The episode comes to an end here.

NCIS: Los Angeles synopsis


According to IMDb, the show’s synopsis reads:

“The Naval Criminal Investigation Service’s Office of Special Projects takes on the undercover work and the hard to crack cases in LA. Key agents are G. Callen and Sam Hanna, streets kids risen through the ranks.”

NCIS: Los Angeles was created by Shane Brennan.

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