Ducky’s What Happened? Why Did David McCallum Leave NCIS?

Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, played by David McCallum, is one of the most popular CBS thriller series “NCIS.” Ducky is a mentor to several forensic experts, including current medical examiner Dr. Jimmy Palmer.

Ducky: What Has Happened?

Ducky is introduced as the medical examiner on Gibbs’ NCIS Major Case Response Team in the ninth season finale. Although Ducky survives the bomb explosion and recovers from the same, he has to reduce his workload to return to work. After preparing Jimmy Palmer for becoming the next medical examiner, Ducky leaves NCIS temporarily.

In the sixteenth episode of the sixteenth season, Ducky publishes a book on the issues he worked on before and after joining NCIS. In the sixteenth episode of the sixteenth season, Gibbs and Director Vance convince him to take on the position of NCIS historian. Palmer is also a keen observer.

What Motives Has Driven David McCallum to Join NCIS?

David McCallum hasn’t appeared in ‘NCIS’ since his fifteenth season, neither CBS nor the actor have officially announced his withdrawal from the procedural program. McCallum wanted to leave the program after his character’s retirement, but CBS and the series’ creative directors respectfully refused to do so.

McCallum decided to halt his appearance in the program in order to spend more time with his family. He said the actor chose to “spend more time with Katherine, our children, six grandchildren, and Nickie.” Showrunner Steven D. Binder was ready to include Ducky in the series as much as McCallum was ready to play the former medical examiner.

After McCallum’s participation in the twenty-first episode of the twentieth season, the actor’s contract is said to have only one more episode left. This could be the twentieth season finale or an episode from season 21.

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