Who Is Linda Hunt’s Partner? NCIS: Los Angeles Actress’ Love Interest

Who is Linda Hunt’s partner?

Yes, we are talking about the NCIS: Los Angeles actress who is currently making headlines, raising questions among the fans about her comeback in the series finale. Keeping that aside, what seems to be more concerning is whether Linda Hunt is taken. At present, Linda is in her 70s.

Linda Hunt has been doing wonders in the entertainment world since 1972. Hailing from Morristown, New Jersey, she has worked on numerous projects. Yes! Some of Linda’s notable acting credits are The Year of Living Dangerously, Rain Without Thunder, The Singing Revolution, Stranger Than Fiction, The Practice, and Scorpion. Which is your favorite?

Being a huge Linda Hunt fan, you must know that she has done quite a few theatrical acts too. One of those was The Cherry Orchard, in which she played Charlotta.

Coming back to Linda Hunt’s personal life, the actress is married to her long-time partner. Is it so? Yes! Not everyone knows. She and her love interest dated each other for more than three decades before getting hitched. Guess what? Their love story is undenying. Both are still going strong. But who is she? If you are looking for who Linda Hunt’s partner is, here is what we know.

Who Is Linda Hunt's Partner
Linda Hunt: NCIS actress (Credit: YouTube)

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Linda Hunt’s Partner: Who Is She?

Talking about her love interest, Linda Hunt’s partner is Karen Kline. But what’s her identity? Linda Hunt’s partner is professionally a psychotherapist. So, the latter is in no way related to the entertainment industry. Little did you know Linda and Karen started dating each other in 1978.

After dating for several years, Linda Hunt and Karen Kline decided to marry each other. When? To be more precise, the year was 2008. When it comes to Linda Hunt’s partner, she seems to be a private person. In other words, Karen likes to live a low-key life, staying away from the media always. Still, one must know that Karen reportedly hails from Davis County, Utah.

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You will be surprised to know about that one thing that keeps Linda Hunt and Karen Kline going as a couple. Any guesses? Well, it’s nothing special but plants. Yes! You read that right. It was later revealed that Linda Hunt’s partner got highly fascinated by her corduroys. That started their conversation.

Who Is Linda Hunt's Partner
Linda Hunt’s partner: Karen Kline, seems to be very much loving and supportive of her (Credit: Pinterest)

Despite tying the knot several years ago, Linda Hunt and Karen Kline don’t share any children. But, they adopted three. No! They aren’t human babies. In other words, the NCIS: Los Angeles actress and her long-time partner adopted three dogs. So, they are animal lovers. That’s nice.

Discussing more, Linda Hunt’s partner, Karen Kline, was born on 26 April 1944. Well, based on that, she is now 79 years old. Not to forget to mention, the actress is now 78 years old. There is just a year gap between the two. Therefore, their understanding level is great, and they are more like best friends.

Whenever asked during the interviews, Linda Hunt’s partner always got praised her. Don’t you think it’s quite obvious? That’s the reason why both are still doing great as a couple. There is so much love between Linda Hunt and Karen Kline. No doubt, they do look inseparable. That feels so great to look at them together, always.

Best Wishes to Linda Hunt for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure you follow Linda on her social media account for more updates. We are hopeful that her marriage with Karen will stay strong like this forever. It is very much evident that Linda and Karen are made for each other.

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