In the same vein as other forensic procedurals, but with an armed forces spin that added a lot more spice to the mix, NCIS has been a huge hit ever since it first debuted in 2003. While the show was a spin-off from Jag, it has since grown into a broad franchise of its own. With a whopping 20 seasons now behind it, the original show also has three spin-offs and a possible fourth on its way with NCIS: Sydney.

It’s been impressive and entertaining all this time, finding ways to mix intricate plotlines with an amazing ensemble cast of characters who all have distinct skills, traits, and backstories. Already doing well before that, by Season 3, a new character was introduced — one that would go on to become a firm favorite among many fans. Although she’s Chilean-American, Cote de Pablo earned herself instant fame as she became a hit on the show playing Ziva David, an Israeli Mossad agent.Close