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20 da ngerous items all drivers should clean out of their cars immediately

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease across the UK, motorists will be using out cars a lot more.

But drivers are being warned of 20 items that could pose a serious risk when driving and are being warned to clean them out of their vehicles.

Experts at Tyre Runner collated a list of 20 things which should not be left in the car, including summer-specific items, everyday gadgets, food and drink, health related items, and family specific examples.

Bryan MacMillan of Tyre Runner said: “Now that restrictions are easing, and with another bank holiday just around the corner, many people are planning to travel out of their local area to make the most of the long weekend.

“However, after our drive our vehicles can end up packed full of rubbish, stuff we’ve forgotten about, or items we think might come in handy sometime.

“While for the most part it’s just a case of making your car look a mess, several items can actually be very dan gerous if left in your car, and some of these might surprise you…”

He added: “We hope this information provides insightful for drivers across the country – please do keep this advice in mind on your next road-trip, whether that be popping to the local shops or travelling slightly further.”

Here is a list of items you should clean out of your car immediately:

Summer specific

Sun cream
Damp beach items – such as swimsuits and towels
Now that restrictions are easing, many people are organising beach trips, picnics, and BBQs to catch up with family and friends while enjoying the lovely Spring weather.

However, while clearing out your car after a day in the sun is often the last thing on your mind, it can be very important.

For example, the active ingredients in sun cream can break down in high temperatures, reducing the efficacy of the protection, so should not be left in the car for prolonged periods of time. Instead, sun cream should be stored in a cool, dry place.

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