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Mumaco helps time-poor parents to take care of their children

Mumaco, a new babysitting app, helps parents secure and source babysitters to take care of their children while they are away.

From scheduled appointments and outings to last minute needs, Mumaco covers babysitting needs for parents in a few steps, and gives proper care for their children while they are away. From Brisbane to Toowoomba, the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, Mumaco provides trusted, screened sitters ready to service South East Queenslanders.

Mumaco said it is the only free sitter app available which has the capacity and technology to track sitters’ location, with the ability to speak with them via the convenient in-app messaging service. Mumaco’s founder, Tara McTeigue, entrepreneur and mum of two children, says the app is easy to use and is ready to disrupt the babysitting industry with its capacity to provide verified sitters on-demand, with welcomed transparency and efficient service. McTeigue says: “I have worked on Mumaco for more than three years. I have been meticulous in my approach and execution every step of the way and we are now ready to give parents the break they deserve, even if it is only for a few hours.” McTeigue says Mumaco was based around the challenges many Australians face every day.

“My husband and I were always so time poor—with work, kids, and managing a household. We were always finding time for ourselves. We had moved away from our family and friends so we did not have our relatives to help as sitters. Designing and creating Mumaco around those challenges opened our eyes in how important it is to create a premium, uncomplicated platform to service this much-needed industry”, McTeigue recalls.

All Mumaco sitters are a minimum of 18 years of age and have been verified by their team of professionals to hold a current Working with Children Check and a First Aid Certification. The fee is at $25 an hour for up to two kids. Mumaco is completely free to register and there are no ongoing subscription fees.

McTeigue says for many Queenslanders, it may not be possible to access their family or friends to babysit.

“We want Mumaco to be their first port of call so we can provide them with a suite of reliable, experienced and verified sitters right at their fingertips. We are committed in connecting parents with sitters who their children resonate well with and that are the perfect fit for their individual family”, she says.

She concludes: “Importantly, Mumaco sitters can enjoy the freedom to work their own hours by only choosing the jobs that suit them and supplementing their income around current work and study commitments. We want our sitters to be empowered to build their individual brand within the app to be sought after within our Mumaco community.”

Gemma Truman, who has two kids, aged 7 and 9, recommends Mumaco. “We used Mumaco for our wedding anniversary. My husband and I decided to head out for a last-minute dinner date. Using the Mumaco app we were able to search an impressive database of sitters and find one who suited our family in a matter of minutes. Our kids were so happy and at ease with our sitter and our dinner date went off without a hitch”, she says.

Cindy Cloete feels great there is an app she can use in case of an emergency when her family is not around. “Mumaco gives me peace of mind that my kids will be safe as I know that all their sitters are thoroughly checked to have a blue card and first aid.”

Kate Williamson says Mumaco was easy to use. “In a couple of quick steps, you can check all the sitters nearby and see who’s a good fit for your family. The booking process is simple and price point is great considering the experience and training of the sitters”, she says.

She recalls: “The sitter we chose was excellent. She really interacted with the kids and played UNO with them which they loved! Mumaco is the first app of its kind that doesn’t require me having to pay upfront fees to use the service—that’s a big tick for me. I’ll be using Mumaco again.”

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