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People planning holidays abroad warned of scams by Action Fraud

THOSE planning trips abroad have been warned about a new scam.

Action Fraud is asking holidaymakers to be vigilant in the face of online scams.

The national reporting centre for fraud and cyberc rime received 1,907 reports of holiday and travel-related fraud in 2020/21 financial year – a decrease of over 70 per cent when compared to the previous financial year.

However, although a decline in reporting was predicted due to the fact travel was banned for large periods of the year, losses by vic tims still totalled £2.2 million during this time – an average loss of £1,242 per vi ctim.

Action Fraud has launched a national awareness campaign to remind the public to think twice before handing over their money and personal information when booking holidays, following the Government’s recent announcement on international travel resuming.

Portugal is currently the only major viable tourist destination on the green list.

Pauline Smith, the head of Action Fraud, said: “We are all more eager than ever to go on a holiday and relax with family and friends, following the coronavirus pandemic. However, cr im inals will stop at nothing when it comes to defrauding innocent people out of a well-deserved break and their hard-earned cash.

“Cri minals are increasingly using more sophisticated ways to trick their vi ctims, which is why it’s important that we all do our research when booking a holiday and making travel arrangements.

“Regardless of whether you’re planning on travelling abroad, or going on a domestic holiday this year, remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

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