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Po lice to hit the streets in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour in Barrow

BARROW Po lice is asking for help from the public to target anti-social behaviour and determine po licing priorities.

On Wednesday the Barrow Borough Community Team will be hitting the streets to speak with residents.

Barrow P olice said the target will be Lower Hawcoat following several reports of anti-social behaviour over the past few weeks.

“We will be coming out and completing online forms with residents, and for those that are unavailable posting short questionnaires through the door,” said a spokesman.

“We are looking to develop how we determine the Pol icing priorities in all areas of Barrow Borough and we would be grateful for those who have not taken the survey to take a moment and fill out this anonymous form to help us tackle the issues that matter to you most.”

The area that will be targeted by the p olicing team will encompass everywhere within the boundary of Abbey Road, Hawcoat Lane, Devonshire Road and Hibbert Road.

Hawcoat Park, based on Hawcoat Lane, is one of those in the area who have fallen victim to anti-social behaviour in recent months.

They have seen a string of incidents involving what is believed to be youths causing damage to property.

One incident in March saw po lice called to the sports club after a window was smashed and beer cans were left littering the ground.

Paul Burns, chair of Hawcoat Park, said: “They (vandals) are still there and they still come but I think the weather as of late has eased it.

“They haven’t disappeared and we find the odd bits of broken glass. It won’t ever go away. But we are hoping they grow out of it.

“One or two that come here just come to play a bit of football and we don’t really mind that as long as they don’t cause any damage. We understand the kids haven’t got anywhere to go.”

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